58 minute Morning Yoga Playlist

Here’s another playlist! I’ve used it for my 6:30am morning class at YogaWorks Tarzana. Nice mellow beginning and end to get the day started!

  1. Sanctus by Ashana
  2. Evaporation by Ketsa
  3. Dusk to Dawn by Emancipator
  4. Dream (Remix) by Moodfood
  5. Om Nama Shivaya by Sonicjoy
  6. For What it’s Worth (India Dub) by DJ Drez
  7. Soon it will be Cold Enough to Build Fire by Emacipator
  8. Basque by Little People
  9. Blue Moon by Beck
  10. A Distant Earthrise by Benn Jordan
  11. Heart of Gaia by Ashana