About Me

My yoga journey began in 2005 at a Bikram Yoga studio in North Carolina. A friend invited me to a class and I was instantly hooked. I practiced a few times a week and loved the challenge and concentration involved in the practice.

Photo by Roger Scheck

Once I moved back home to California, I started taking classes at YogaWorks in Santa Monica. With the encouragement of a couple of teachers I signed up for the YogaWorks 200 hour Teacher Training in 2007. The training was eye opening – I realized I didn’t know very much about yoga at all! That program made me realize that yoga is so much more than physical poses and that I could spend my life learning and growing in this practice.

After that I started teaching once a week. I continued on to complete my 300 hour Professional Program and other trainings and workshops to further my education. I gradually taught more classes and was able to make the leap to teaching full-time. I have lead numerous workshops, 200 hour Teacher Trainings, and have been a mentor for a 300 hour program.

I currently teach live online classes. My classes have a strong emphasis on alignment and clear use of props. I love teaching students to watch their breath and thoughts throughout practice to make it a moving meditation. My greatest joy as a teacher is when a student shares how their yoga practice has had a positive affect on their life.

When I’m not at the yoga studio, I’m at home with my husband, our two kids, and our dog. I love cooking and baking. We also love traveling and exploring the world together. Being with my family shows me the importance of being Present as much as possible for Life.