To be a Great Teacher, Always be a Student

One of the key things that I believe makes a great yoga teacher is always being a student. The teachers that I admire most are always educating themselves. They have a desire to learn. They take public classes. They have a home practice. They read books, do research, and compile information. They take trainings and workshops. And they ask questions. They don’t just repeat information – they have questioned it, studied it, experienced it, and then they share it with their students. And, this is a big one – They have the humility to admit when they were wrong and correct their mistakes.

My best advice for continuing your education is to seek out learning opportunities. Honestly, this is also a way to keep your teaching inspired for you and your students. There are many aspects of yoga that you may want to study – Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra, Anatomy, Philosophy, Subtle Body, Ayurveda, and more. And then there are specific groups of people that you may want to teach – Kids, Teens, Prenatal/Postnatal, Seniors, Athletes, People with Specific Injuries and Illnesses, and more. Research the areas that you are interested in. Find trainings and workshops, seek out teachers who specialize in that area, study books on that subject, and put it to practice on your mat or in your life. Once you have absorbed the information, find your way of sharing it with your students. Make it your own. The exciting thing is that there is always more to learn.