Benefits of Teacher Training

There are so many reasons to do a YogaWorks teacher training. These are some of the many benefits I received from my personal experience:

1. Injury prevention – Doing TT has probably saved me from a lot of injuries. Before I did my training, I took mainly vinyasa flow classes and had very little sense of alignment. I was already starting to feel back pain in certain poses. Learning how to do the poses correctly was such a huge step for my practice. I learned when to back off and how to be in proper alignment.

2. Modifications – Yoga poses can be adapted in all kinds of ways for all kinds of bodies. Learning modifications teaches you how to be safe in your own practice and how to teach others to be safe in their bodies. It’s really important to know this as you go out and start teaching.

3. Yoga Sutras – This was such a transformational part of my practice. I loved learning about all the ways that you practice yoga off the mat. Before this I thought that yoga was just a physical mindfulness practice. Reading (and rereading) the Yoga Sutras has changed my life and made me a better person.

4. Community – Whenever you go through an intense course like this, there are amazing bonds that can form. You have study groups and ask advice and grow together. I still keep in touch with fellow students from my trainings! You can also form great relationships with your teachers. This can really help to guide you along your path to becoming a teacher yourself.

5. Inspiration – We can all get stuck in ruts in our life and in our yoga practice. Doing a training really gives you another way of looking at things. You learn more about yourself and your body. It can take your physical practice to an entirely different level. And again, the people in your training are also a great source of inspiration.

If you have every thought that you wanted to do a training, here is my advice: Do it!! If yoga teaches us anything, it’s that there really is no time like the present.