Every day is different

Every day is different. We all know this simple fact. At yet…we fight against it constantly. We have expectations and preferred outcomes.


On our mat, it shows up like this – We want our bodies to do what they did yesterday, we want the same sequence that made us feel so good last week, we want that adjustment, that teacher, those words, etc. But…every day we come to our mats a little different. We slept differently, ate different things, and we have different things on our minds. Our body might be tired one day and energized the next. The sequence that we did last week that felt wonderful may feel uncomfortable this week. The adjustment the teacher gave us before may no longer be necessary. The teacher might have a sub. The words we heard before that inspired us might just be background noise today.


Every day is different. Letting go of our attachment to how things were before is a very valuable and challenging thing to do. When we remember to do it, (or are reminded to) we will suffer less. We can be present and take things as they come. We can embrace the differences in each moment and use them as a reminder to enjoy life as it comes, one breath at a time.