Have Mat, will Travel

In two days, I leave for a vacation to France and Italy. (I am very very excited!!) Traveling is one of my favorite things. Wherever I go, I pack a travel yoga mat and some yoga clothes. While there are many highlights of the trips I’ve taken, there are always the fond memories of my practice. Sun salutations in the cozy cottage in Kauai on my honeymoon. The stunning trees surrounding the deck of a cabin in Big Sur.

When I’m on vacation, my practice is usually about 15-20 minutes long with a few minutes of meditation. It becomes more about what will make my body happy at that point in the journey. After a long plane trip, I put my legs up the wall and do some hip openers. After being in the car for a while, some sun salutations and shoulder/neck stretches. If I’ve indulged in some good food (yes, this definitely happens!) some light twists to massage my belly. The important part is just giving myself those few minutes of quiet and calm to savor the moment. Bringing myself into the present so I can enjoy every moment of the trip. 

Pictures to come ; )