In Gratitude for my Students

I have the BEST students. Seriously, the best. Here are some things I love about them:

  • They are dedicated. I see many of my students multiple times a week (and I’ve even seen some students twice in one day!). They go to workshops and do trainings. They genuinely want to know more about their practice and it inspires me to offer them more.
  • They are kind and friendly. I have students who set up my props at the front of the room. I’ve received the sweetest gifts from them. I’ve seen them say hi to each other before class. At first it’s casual, but then they are getting to know each other and sometimes hanging out outside of the classroom. They inquire about each other when they haven’t seen someone in a while.
  • They are receptive and open to trying new things. I often ask my students to do new prop set ups and they always do so willingly. I ask them to move to new spots in the room. And they are courteous to subs. (I’ve received compliments from my subs about how great my students are!)
  • They check in. I’ve gotten emails and messages from students when they can’t make it to class. It is so sweet that they stay in touch even when they can’t be at the studio.

I know that there are so many choices when you’re picking a yoga class. And I’m so grateful for every student who chooses to practice with me.