Living Compassionately

Everyday, I try to live compassionately. I find that showing compassion is not always the grand gestures, but the small  (yet equally significant) gestures. It’s listening to someone who needs to be heard. It’s giving someone a hug when they are having a bad day.  It’s doing something without the expectation of getting something in return.

In the Bhagavad Gita (translation by Stephen Mitchell), it is beautifully said:

“Though the unwise cling to their actions,

watching for the results, the wise

are free of attachments, and act

for the well-being of the whole world.”

So, in this respect, acting compassionately would be acting for the well-being of everyone everywhere.

The beginning of living compassionately is being kind to ourselves. It’s being loving with ourselves when we make mistakes, or are hurt, or embarrassed. In those moments, do we pull ourselves down or do we help ourselves up? Are we using positive words when we talk to ourselves? Do we love ourselves unconditionally? Some days when I ask myself those questions, I can answer, yes, I am being nice to myself. But there are days when it’s a struggle. It’s all a process and a practice.

So, how are you living compassionately?