Partner Yoga

Yesterday was the SuperBowl and I was teaching during the game. I knew there would be a small group of students, so I wanted to plan something fun. What I decided on was some partner yoga poses. 

The group of students ended up being mostly regulars, a very sweet group. I set our group intention of playfulness and fun. What happened during class was amazing. At first, everyone is a little nervous about getting into pairs. But, once they started moving and talking to each other, Magic! They were introducing themselves (probably to people they’ve practiced next to for months), laughing, giving each other advice, being supportive….it was really amazing to watch. A true representation of yoga on the mat moving off the mat. Showing kindness to someone you’ve just met. Taking the time to help them with something. Smiling, encouraging, sharing. 

 It was one of the many moments that I have been truly grateful to be doing what I am doing.

And I plan on sneaking more partner poses into classes in the very near future.