Pregnancy – Round 2

By now most of you know that I am pregnant with baby #2! I’m 18 weeks right now. AND it’s a boy! We are so thrilled for our growing family.

So what is it like being pregnant the second time around? It’s a lot of deja vu. Remembering the hormone and body shifts and also noticing the differences between this pregnancy and the first.

Here’s a few things that are the same:

1st trimester and beginning of 2nd:

Nausea, which was worse this time around. Heightened sense of smell.

Feeling hungry, but nothing sounds appetizing.

Aversion to coffee, even the smell, which I normally love.

Fatigue. Also worse this time because I can’dt nap when I want to.

Uncomfortable, full feeling in my lower belly.

Bleeding gums when I brush my teeth.

Hair growing at rapid speed.

Super clear skin.

Feeling those first few kicks from baby – best feeling ever!

Seeing people look at your belly suspiciously but not wanting to say anything because they’re not sure if you’re pregnant or just gained a little weight.

What is different:

Not being as nervous or scared. Now that I’ve been through a pregnancy, birth, and raising a baby, I’m more prepared. I feel more confident about what is to come. Although I am dreading the labor and birth part because I do know what’s coming! In general, there’s a sense of peace that I didn’t feel before. A realization that everything will happen as it should.

More later!