Setting an Intention

When I begin class, I often times ask the students to set an intention for practice. But what does that even mean?

It can be simple. It could be that your intention is the stay present during the class. Maybe you want to keep an even inhale and exhale through your nose. Or to keep your attention on your own mat.

Or perhaps it’s something more personal. You might set aside your To Do list. You could let go of the tension of your commute or your work load or the argument you had earlier. You might even dedicate your breath and your movements to a family member/friend/group of people.

Why would you set an intention? For me, it gives my practice greater purpose. Sometimes when we are practicing, we loose sight of the reason we came to yoga in the first place. We begin fixating on doing a pose perfectly, or on the person next to us who is so amazing, or maybe we’re just thinking about what we’re going to make for dinner later. Having our intention brings us back. We focus on that again and we have purpose and presence.

So what’s your intention?