Walking Meditation

Right now I am doing Sharon Salzberg’s 28 Day Meditation Challenge. It goes along with her book, Real Happiness, which I HIGHLY recommend. Last week, I tried the Walking Meditation. This meditation is about bringing mindfulness to a normal, daily activity. Now, this is something I am used to in a yoga class. You feel your body, breath, and focus your gaze. I had in the past realized that walking could be a meditation, but never really went on a walk with the intention of meditating. 

I decided to take my dog, Dexter, with me. We went to a local park which has a nice path next to the Los Angeles River. It was a wonderful and interesting meditation. I felt the earth beneath my shoes, grass and then sand. The sound of my foot steps. The sound of cars passing by. The sun on my skin. I thought that having my dog with me might be distracting, but it actually helped me. I would take a few steps mindfully….and then my mind would begin to wander. But just as my thoughts would go off into a fantasy, Dexter would pull me another direction, bringing me right back to the present moment. His distraction helped keep me present. 

All in all, it was a very lovely meditation. And, because I walk my dog every day, more than once, it’s one that I can practice frequently. This is definitely a great approach for someone new meditation or anyone who has trouble sitting for extend periods of time. 

May the actions that I take toward the good, toward understanding myself, toward being more peaceful be of benefit to all beings everywhere.” from Real Happiness