Yogi on Vacation


I had an incredible week vacation in July. I love getting out and traveling. There are so many beautiful things to see and do!

When I am on vacation, my yoga practice is a little different. I always bring my travel mat with me, but sometimes it hardly gets unrolled! I find myself more inspired to spontaneously do yoga. Right before the picture above, I was stretching and lounging on the rocks, taking in the gorgeous view. Some mornings, I would do some sun salutations in my hotel room to start the day. I do 3 Half Sun Salutations, 3 Surya Namaskar A, and 3 Surya Namaskar B. Then a couple of hip openers, like Thread the Needle, and I’m ready for the day!

Other days, I simply tried to stay as present as possible. When I am home, I often have a long “To Do List” and my mind is all over the place. When I am away, I tend to stay more present. In life, things rarely go as planned and vacations are no different! It teaches us to go with the flow and stay in the moment. There were a couple of days where we had absolutely nothing planned. We slept in, got dressed, and then let the day unfold. No plan, no agenda, just simply being. That’s what I call a Yogi on Vacation.